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Black voters matter.

We all deserve the freedom to cast ballots that count, in every election.

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    We have everything we need to offer a decent quality of life to every single person in this country. Yet Black people are suffering and dying needlessly because there are decision makers in our government who don't care about us. In order to permanently change the conditions we’re protesting, we must shift who gets to make decisions in our society. That means we must claim our power as citizens, including as voters and as potential candidates for office.

    OurCount is about ending generations of voter suppression policies by combining our protests with determined efforts to help as many people overcome unnecessary barriers to voting so we can (re-)elect leaders willing to rewrite unjust laws and pass better ones that make it easier for all of us to vote and live freely.

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    Vote for Black Lives

    With all of the voter purges and other changes happening across the country, no voter can take their registration status for granted this election season — even if they've never had trouble voting in the past. Please register to vote or check your registration status now!

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