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Our communities matter.

Black people deserve real representation at all levels of government.

Join the movement to build and protect Black political power.

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    In order to make Black lives matter to decisionmakers at all levels of government, we must ensure our communities are fully and fairly represented. That means we must be counted in the census and get involved in the process to redraw district maps.

    On nearly every issue, from criminal justice reform to health care to gun violence to environmental injustice, our current national representation doesn’t reflect national public opinion because the people in power don’t truly represent all of us. That’s because corrupt politicians rely on manipulative tactics like gerrymandering to pick their voters, instead of letting voters freely pick their representatives.

    OurCount is about winning fair maps that protect the principle of “one person, one vote” without forcing Black voters into manipulated districts designed to dilute our voting power and limit the number of representatives our communities send to state legislatures and Congress.

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    Trump’s racist attacks on the 2020 Census are an attack on fair maps and representation for our communities. Tell Congress to protect the census and our democracy in the next COVID relief bill.

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