Who Counts? We All Do.

One of our favorite things about Black families is how many amazing ways we connect and take care of each other. We family with everybody we love— our kids and grandkids; our parents and siblings and their kids; our partners and friends; our play cousins and our real ones. We know we don’t have to share blood to matter to each other or live with each other. That’s important to remember when getting counted on the census

When you or someone else in your household fills out the census, be sure to include everyone who lives there all or most of the time, anyone staying there who has no other usual home, and any visitors staying and sleeping there as of April 1st. Count them no matter how young or old they are, how they are or aren’t related to each other, whether they’re on the lease or not, and regardless of immigration or citizenship status. This is especially important to remember for those of us who live with blended families, with roommates or tenants, and with folks of any age who don’t have another permanent place to stay. 

Here are some other things to know about who counts where you live: 

No matter who we are, who we love, where we were born, or who we live with, we all count. If you haven’t already been counted, make a plan to get counted ASAP, and be sure everyone who lives with you is included.

Take Action: One of the most important things you can do to help right now is to use YourVoice to affirm why you matter and why you’re getting counted on the census. Click here to record a short video sharing why you’re getting counted in the 2020 Census!

You can also help spread the word that everyone counts, including kids! Feel free to save & share the graphics below with your friends, family, and social networks.